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Surge suppressors are designed to protect individual components or systems from the damaging effects of electrical surges generated by lightning and other sources both in and outside of a structure. A lightning strike can contain millions of volts and a strike up to a quarter mile away can introduce damaging voltages into low voltage systems and communication’s lines.

Our team is experienced with troubleshooting and installing suppression for a wide range of systems including; power, gates, communications, security camera’s, alarms, AV, data networks, irrigation systems and smart home technology.

The standard lightning protection system is comprised of several system components including air terminals (lightning rods), conductor, various fasteners, clamps, crimps and ground rods.  Each system is designed and installed based off of the current standards for lightning protection and each buildings unique shape and size. Primary system components can be copper or aluminum depending on the customer’s preference however existing building materials often dictate what must be used.

On new construction a lightning protection system can be installed internally to the structure as it is being built with only the air terminals showing on the exterior.  On an existing structure it is also possible in most cases to install a significant portion of the system internally depending on a buildings design and construction.

Those old 3 foot tall rods we all see on old barns and farmhouses are a thing of the past current standards require air terminals to be 10” above the area of protection. In some instances customers do desire the “old school” look and this can be accommodated if desired.  

Surge suppression should also be installed to protect the incoming utilities as well (Electric, phone, cable or satellite)

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